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Happy New Year! To celebrate the start of 2023 why not treat yourself to an SSL Team Switzerland Calendar?

Twelve stunning full-size photos feature the team members on the golden SSL47 yachts in conditions ranging from a cool light wind day to high wind action. The SSL photographers had unique access to the team, taking shots from off the boat, as well as some great camera angles on board which show the physicality needed to get the most out of these thoroughbred racing machines.

November’s photo in particular captures one of the bow team ready to drop the kite, taken from the forward hatch, framing the sailor in action with the mast and mainsail behind.

SSL Team Switzerland Calendar
SSL Team Switzerland Calendar

Each calendar is available in four sizes: a  large horizontal  which is B2 size (480mm height x 680mm width), a  large vertical  which is 680mm height x 480mm width), a  medium horizontal , which is A3 size (297mm height x 420mm width) and finally a  medium vertical , which is 420mm height x 297mm width.

SSL Team Switzerland Calendar
SSL Team Switzerland Calendar

These calendars are a must for any sailing fan, with more being produced for other SSL Teams as we speak!

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